Hesta Mix Müsli
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The Hesta Mix Müsli is suitable for special breeds, good keepers and all horses with special nutritional and mineral requirements.

Emo-HestamixThe Success Story

What started as feeding study at the German stud He sta Borg in 1998 with its special breeds, developed into one of the most successful feed conc epts for horses of all breeds: Hesta Mix. The influence of nutrient deficiencies and other defici ency symptoms on diet-related problems such as eczema, immune disorders, itching and mental disord ers was uncovered with the Icelandic horses. A fundamental finding to optimize feed rations.

Especially rich in micronutrients

Hesta Mix Müsli
Mainly regularly working horses with an average requiremen t for component feed are fed the tasty "Hesta Mix Muesli". These are in most cases easy keepers, larger breeds such as A ndalusians, Lusitanos, cold-blooded horses, Pintos, Arabs, Tinker or Friesian horses.

  • highly bio-available trace elements
  • rapid feeding success
  • can be easily combined with other concentrated feeds
  • contains herbs, ground algae, oils and oleaginous fruits
  • free from oats

The many faces of deficiency symptoms

Many horses' energy requirements can be more than adeq uately met by feeding them very small concentrate feed rations. However, these small feed rations frequently lack essential vital nutrients and micronutrients. Conventional mineral supplements often fail to meet the real nutritional nee ds of the horses. The result are deficiency symptoms that express themselves in nervousness and restlessness, signs of wear and tear and digestive problems, susceptibility to infections, skin problems, allergies and loss of weight, meta bolic and endocrine disorders.

Particularly high in trace element content

The Hesta Mix-series is rich in vital nutrients and has a h igh content in biologically available micronutrients. Thi s guarantees an adequate and proper supply of organic trace elements even when fed in small quantities. Deficiency symptoms are reliably resolved or even prevented thanks to the easy absorption in the intestine and the rapid transpor t to the relevant target organ

Feeding Recommendation

To be fed as supplement to conventional basic feed including roughage and/or pasture grass, per 100 kg body weight and day:

Müsli: approx. 200–300 g 1 liter = approx. 600 g

With lower dosage or supply shortage, we recommend adding SemperMin or MicroVital.

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