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Efficient all-round "stable pellet"

Emo-VollwertMore than just an ordinary pellet

Most of the boarding stables feed their horses the classical way: roughage, oats and pellets. It's positive when with that all important vital substa nces are delivered that are essential for a healthy horse diet. Our whole grain pellets perfectly match the requirements of particularly bigger herds!

Cold-pressed pellet, rich in vital nutrients, designed fo r all breeds and purposes.

  • wholesome and especially easy digestible
  • cold-pressed and free from bonding agents
  • efficient and free from oats
  • contains herbs, oils and oleaginous fruits

Feeding can be that simple

St. Hippolyt’s whole grain pellets are designed as excl usive complement to be fed together with roughage and component feed. Their extremely high digestibility and rich nutrient, vitamin and mineral content make them the perfect feed to covering the nutritional requirements of horses of a ll breeds and all equestrian disciplines. Our whole g rain pellets are free from oats, thus making them suitable even for liv ely horses, but they can also be fed together with oats or muesli.

Wholesome means cold-pressed

Our production is based on the wholefood principle with an especi ally gentle pressing procedure at temperatures below 40°C. This ensures that all the valuable native ingredien ts such as plants' own enzymes, vitamins and phytochemica ls are preserved. The pellets do neither contain any bonding a gents.

In conjunction with the pellets' highly digestible macro-st ructure, all the disadvantages commonly associated with the pelleting procedure can be avoided. Our whole grain pellets have efficiently revolutionized the bad reputation of pelleted feeds. Horses love this all-round feed that even stimulate s a more intensive chewing. More than 150 individual components provide a rich source of individually requir ed nutrients the horses benefit from to balance individ ual deficiencies in their general diet.

Economic feeding

Long years of study in large stocks of horses have revea led that horses being fed St. Hippolyt's whole grain pellets show better feed conversion ratio. The lower quantity in com ponent feed protects the digestive system, promotes overall well-being and willingness to perform, an even te mper and easy riding. Besides, it helps horses to more ea sily cope with shedding and stress

Feeding Recommendation

Vollwertpellets / Vollwertpellets light
To be fed as supplement to conventional basic feed including roughage and/or pasture grass, approx. 500 - 800 g per 100 kg body weight and day. This overall quantity should be offered in different por tions. With lower dosage or supply shortages, we re commend adding SemperMin or MicroVital.

1 liter = approx. 750 g Vollwertpellets
1 liter = approx. 750 g Vollwertpellets Light

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