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Senecio jacobea

How you can identify it, what it can do and how you can eliminate it!

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Grazing season is laminitis time!

Laminitis is a diffuse inflammation of the hoof corium of non-infectious origin. It can result from over exertion (strain laminitis), from poisoning (toxic plants, medication) or from retaining the afterbirth after foaling (birthing laminitis) as well as from starch and fructan-rich rations. Laminitis is always connected to a lot of pain for the horse and can lead in severe cases to the loss of the hoof capsule. The “saw horse” stance of the horse is typical to relieve the pain from the front legs when an acute laminitis advance occurs.

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Garlic … the white wonder bulb

Combining the powerful insect repellent ability with a feel good factor that contributes to the overall health.

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Body Condition Score Chart

Use a standardized body condition score chart to assess your horse’s weight.

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